Are Vitamin Supplements Dangerous? An Expert's Perspective

Taking vitamin supplements is a popular way to ensure optimal health but are there any risks? In this article an expert explores potential risks & benefits associated with taking vitamin supplements.

Are Vitamin Supplements Dangerous? An Expert's Perspective

For many individuals, taking vitamin supplements is a way to guarantee that they are getting the nutrients they need for ideal wellbeing. Be that as it may, are there any dangers to utilizing these supplements? In this article, an expert investigates the potential dangers and advantages of taking vitamin supplements. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, more isn't really better. Taking more than you need costs more and may likewise increment the danger of reactions.

For instance, an excessive amount of vitamin A can cause migraines and liver harm, diminish bone quality, and cause birth absconds. Excess iron causes queasiness and regurgitating and can harm the liver and other organs. Besides potential reactions, dietary supplements can now and then collaborate with one another, just as with over-the-counter (OTC) and solution drugs. Not at all like drugs, the U. S.

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) isn't approved to audit the security and adequacy of dietary supplements before they are showcased. It is dependent upon makers to guarantee that their items don't contain contaminants or pollutions, are appropriately named and contain what they guarantee. Baffled? National Institutes of Health (NIH) actuality sheets can give nitty gritty data on the advantages and dangers of individual vitamins and minerals, just as natural supplements. What's more, in case you're overseeing an essential medical issue (particularly in case you're taking meds) or are pregnant or breastfeeding, play it safe and converse with your medical services group before adding any new supplement to your regimen.

Mainstream Supplements

While supplement patterns come and go, here are seven supplements that have customarily been famous, and in all cases, specialists suggest taking them with care, if at all:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D advances the retention of calcium in the body, and having enough is basic to wellbeing and prosperity, as it offers the guarantee of ensuring bones and forestalling bone illnesses like osteoporosis, as per the NIH. Vitamin D supplements are famous since it's hard (if not difficult for some) to get enough from food.

Moreover, our bodies create vitamin D when exposed skin is presented to coordinate daylight, yet the expansion in time spent inside and the far reaching utilization of sunscreen have limited the measure of vitamin D that numerous individuals get from presentation to the sun. The truth is that energy for vitamin D supplements is outpacing the proof. What's more, taking high portions isn't a smart thought. In sound individuals, vitamin D blood levels higher than 100 nanograms for every milliliter can cause extra calcium retention and cause muscle torment, state of mind issue, stomach torment and kidney stones, notes the Cleveland Clinic. It can likewise build the danger of heart assault and stroke. In any case, vitamin D supplements may profit certain individuals, including those in danger of a lack, for example, individuals with darker skin, living with specific medical problems, and more established grown-ups.

The most recent accord proclamation from the American Geriatrics Society explicitly proposes that individuals over 65 can help diminish the danger of cracks and falls if they supplement their eating regimen with in any event 1000 IU of vitamin D every day.

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort is a plant that is utilized as tea or in containers, with expected advantages for sorrow, consideration deficiency hyperactivity issue, menopausal side effects, a sleeping disorder, kidney and lung issues, obsessive-compulsive issue, injury mending and then some, says the NIH.

St. John's Wort will be powerful in treating mellow wretchedness. Be that as it may, St. John's Wort may diminish the viability of different medications like conception prevention pills, chemotherapy drugs against HIV or AIDS, and medications to forestall organ dismissal after a transplant.

Before taking St. John's Wort find out about conceivable medication collaborations and pose your primary care physician inquiries concerning the dangers and advantages of this supplement.


Calcium is fundamental for a solid skeleton however as with all supplements an excessive amount of this mineral can be hurtful. As noticed by the NIH more than 2500 mg every day for grown-ups ages 19-50 can prompt medical problems like kidney stones or even an expanded danger of heart assault or stroke.


Utilized accurately some supplements can improve your wellbeing however others might be inadequate or even hurtful.

Before taking any dietary supplement it's essential to converse with your human services group about potential dangers or collaborations with different meds you may take. It's additionally significant peruse marks cautiously so you know precisely what you're getting.

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